KIT Vikend ojačevalnik 1W / 7W


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Product Description

The Weekend VHF/UHF Transceiver has been well accepted across the world. It can be found on all continents except in Africa. Also myself enjoy using it virtually every day on local VHF/UHF chats mostly via repeaters. Why mostly via repeaters? Well it’s rather obvious: Weekend Radio has only 1W output on primary band and only few mW on “secondary” band. So it you have bought UHF version of Weekend Radio it would have 1W on UHF and few mW on VHF band.

Just a quick explanation what I meant with “primary and secondary” band. As such I have by a pure luck found out that DRA818V which is VHF module also transmits and receives at UHF band with slightly limited Rx and less than mW of Tx power. It’s virtually same with DRA818U – UHF module, with slightly limited Rx and few mW of Tx power. So those few mW are sufficient for local chats via repeaters, but for any longer distance contacts it’s just too low power. Also 1W is not a “brilliant” power for long distance contacts, but it does cover most of FM contacts. The idea that we had in mind was to increase those few mW to at least 1W also on (in chosen example) VHF band. As such we’d have a nice radio that is dual band with 1W output power on both bands VHF & UHF.